Phil Storrs PC Hardware book

The following material was written over a number of years and has not been upated since December 1998. In Computer terms this then is a collection of ancient history as this technology changes very rapidly, sometimes on a monthly basis. I do not have the time to update this book now but it is provided on this site for your interest, please respect my copywrite on it and do not reproduce any part of it without permission.

When I wrote this material I was Lecturing in the subject and this was my lecture notes. I am still employed in the Computer Industry part time and if I ever manage to find a sponsor for the project I may be able to bring it up to date once again. Would you like to pay me to bring it up to date ?.

The information is as accurate as I could make it at the time but if you find anything wrong with these notes I do not want to know. Enjoy it as a history lesson but do not bug me with questions on your old PC hardware, I do not have the time to devote to sorting out other peoples problems.

Copyright © Phil. Storr, last updated 4th April 2000