These utilities will help you speed up your computer. If you own an AMD K6, Pentium® Pro, Cyrix 6x86 (including the M2), or Cyrix 5x86, keep reading - this is your lucky day.

All CPUs


Intel Pentium® Pro and Pentium II Processors
  • CTPPRO.ZIP [16k]
    This utility enables the PPro/P2 write buffers on the Intel Orion and Natoma Chipsets, increases video performance by re-programming the PPro's internal Memory Type Range Register (MTRR), and enables the fast strings of the PPro.
  • FASTVID.ZIP [237k]
    You have undoubtedly heard of this utility on Usenet. It is indeed hard to find, but you've found it. It enhances video performance by programming the PPro/P2's MTRR's to write combined and enables the write buffers of the Orion Chipset.
Cyrix 6x86
  • M2OPT.EXE [19k]
    A utility supplied by IBM to set the bios for safe 6x86MX performance if your motherboard doesn't offer 6x86MX support.
  • 6X86CFG.EXE [972k)
    A utility written by Olivier Gilloire that optimizes your Cyrix 6x86 processor and makes Windows 95 and other programs think your 6x86 is a Pentium processor. This one is different from other 6x86 optimizers because it can be controlled through a GUI instead of a command prompt.
  • PUZZLE.EXE [12k]
    A 6x86 Optimizing Utility.
  • CX_TEST.EXE [80k]
    Find out if your BIOS programs the 6x86 registers correctly.
  • 6XOPT077.ZIP [60k]
    Written by Mikael Johansson - This program optimizes the 6x86 processor by enabling features of that are disabled by default such as the Branch Target Buffer (BTB), and the Linear Frame Buffer. It also enables Windows 95 to correctly identify the 6x86.
  • M1.EXE [163k]
    Utility from IBM that allows you to view and edit the 6x86 settings.
    Enables features of the 6x86 that are disabled by default to increase performance.