Fastmenu GOLD 7

Fastmenu GOLD is a hard drive menuing application for DOS

What fastmenu GOLD can do for you:
  • Fast one or two key strokes to your applications.
  • Consumes no memory during applications execution.
  • Allows up to 80 folders up to 20 applications per folder.
  • Allows quick editing of the applications lists.
  • Can be operated with a Mouse.
  • Built in Auto Mouse Detection.
  • PassWord protection on any or all outside applications execution, Module operations and DOS exits.
What you need to run fastmenu GOLD:
  • IBM PC/XT/AT or Compatible with DOS 2.2+.
  • 512Kb of memory.
  • A Hard Drive and at least one floppy.
  • VGA Color Card and Monitor.
You can download Fastmenu GOLD 7 Here