Novell Logo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The FAQ attempts to cover Netware 2.x, 3.x and 4.x and is organised into sections. Items added or changed since the last issue are marked with a * in the table of contents.

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A.1 What is this "FAQ" file?
A.2 How can I get the FAQ?
A.3 How are questions added to the FAQ?
A.4 Things that should be in the FAQ but currently aren't

B.1 LISTSERV -- what is it?
B.2 Commands to LISTSERV
B.3 Posting a message to the list
B.4 List sysops
B.5 Guidelines to network etiquette
B.6 Other useful mailing lists/newsgroups
B.7 Archived messages from the mailing list

C.1 How do I get to the archives?
C.2 Official FTP sites for Novell files
C.2.1 Official GOPHER site for Novell files and Information
C.3 Other useful FTP sites
C.4 Current NetWare program version numbers/dates
C.4.1 Current NetWare program version numbers/dates in SYS:PUBLIC
C.4.2 Current NetWare program version numbers/dates in SYS:LOGIN
C.4.3 Current NetWare program version numbers/dates in SYS:SYSTEM
C.4.4 Current NetWare NLM version numbers/dates in SYS:SYSTEM
C.4.4.1 WWW Site maintaining a list of most current NLMs
C.4.5 Current VLM Client Kit program version numbers/dates
C.5 Current Personal NetWare program version numbers/dates
C.6 NetWare Patches and Updates FAQ location
C.7 NetWare Free, Patching, Patches and Version FAQs locations
C.8 Off-line alternatives
C.9 Joe D.'s .NCF files
C.9.1 Joe D.'s Startup.NCF
C.9.2 Joe D.'s Autoexec.NCF
C.9.3 Joe D.'s Patch.NCF
C.9.4 Joe D.'s Selected update/patch files for NW 3.12


E.1 What is TCP/IP
E.2 Why you might want TCP/IP and Netware to co-exist
E.3 Packet drivers/ODI drivers/NDIS drivers
E.3.1 LAN WorkPlace (and other) documents available from Novell via WWW
E.4 Why can't multiple TCP/IP stacks run on a workstation?
E.5 Routing TCP/IP through a file server
E.5.1 Why TCP/IP Routing Doesn't Always Work As Expected
E.5.2 Security considerations of allowing IP Source Routing
E.6 Setting up a Netware server as an FTP server
E.8 Further reading

F.1 Pegasus Mail
F.2 Setting up an Internet gateway for Pegasus Mail -- Charon
F.3 Another Internet gateway for Pegasus Mail -- Mercury
F.3.1 Pegasus/Mercury plus NetWare 4.1 considerations
F.4 Other electronic mail packages
F.5 Eudora
F.6 DNS and smart mailer

G.1 Printing to/from Unix systems
G.2 Sharing PC and Macintosh printers
G.3 Getting garbage in printouts
G.4 Alternatives to PCONSOLE & PSTAT for monitoring printer queues
G.5 Relocating print queues
G.6 Do postscript printer viruses exist?
G.7 Printing to the right queue without running Win / Print / Setup
G.8 Alternatives to PSERVER for more than 16 printers, etc.
G.9 Print Server auditing programs
G.10 Running NPrinter or RPrinter without being logged in
G.11 Page counting software
G.12 Transfering print jobs between NetWare and Unix print queues

H.1 Booting a server without running STARTUP.NCF/AUTOEXEC.NCF
H.2 How to login without running the system/user login script
H.3 Remotely controlling a PC with a telnet compatible program
H.4 Getting userIDs and other information into programs
H.4.1 Environment variables
H.4.2 Piping in information from WHOAMI
H.4.3 Novell APIs
H.4.4 Third Party Utilities
H.5 What do all those columns in STAT.NLM v2.0 mean?
H.6 Changing the number of licenced users on a Netware server
H.7 Register memory ("Cache memory alloc. out of avail. memory" msg)
H.8 Where to get the Windows NT requester
H.9 Why can't I format a floppy under Windows when using boot ROM?
H.10 Getting a list of usernames on a server to an ASCII file
H.10.1 Creating users from an ASCII file
H.10.1.1 Mass User Management
H.10.1.2 UImport -- reads an ASCII text file and adds users
H.10.1.3 ScanUser -- scans/creates unknown/missing Mail directories
H.11 Remote access to a LAN
H.12 Short Term Memory -- how much does your server need?
H.13 BTRIEVE -- what do I need?
H.14 What to do if you've lost your SUPERVISOR password
H.15 Synchronising workstation time with server time
H.16 Problems with disks and tape drives on Adaptec SCSI controllers
H.17 FTP/email/WWW URL contact info for various NIC MLID drivers
H.17.1 Suitable NICs for the NetWare server itself
H.18 Fax products for NetWare
H.19.1 Backup software products for NetWare
H.19.2 Backup hardware products for NetWare
H.19.3 Backup methodologies
H.19.4 Disaster Recovery methodologies
H.20 Resetting Intruder Detection for Supervisor ID
H.21 Testing that the Login process was successful
H.22 Cron-like programs
H.23 Anti-Virus programs
H.23.1 A bit of an Anti-Virus tutorial
H.24 How can I keep my server on time?
H.24.1 What is my TIMEZONE?
H.25.1 NetWare Memory Requirements -- Time To Worry?
H.25.2 NetWare Memory Requirements -- How Much Is Enough?
H.25.3 NetWare Memory Requirements -- And The Real World
H.26 How to wire 10base-T cable using RJ-45 jacks
H.27 Advantages of purging files
H.28 Moving user rights/passwords from server to server
H.29 Spanning a volume across multiple hard drives
H.30 Load Balancing NLMs
H.31 Should I use SCSI or IDE hard drives on the file server
H.32 Expected bandwidth from "10 Mbit" ethernet
H.33 Performance considerations of Bridges versus Routers
H.34 Data Transfer by Bus type
H.35 Maximum wiring lengths
H.36 AC Power and its effect on file servers
H.37 Negative numbers from CHKVOL -- yup, time to worry
H.38.1 Running Netscape across NetWare (vs dial-up)
H.38.2 Running Netscape wherever (without dial-up facilities)
H.39 Help Desk software for NetWare
H.40 Deleting very large "sparse" files
H.41 Slow mount of 50 GB drive array
H.42 Clearing "Not-Logged-In" license robbers
H.43 Running alternatives to MONITOR on the server console
H.44 NLMs allowing access to NetWare Server C drive
H.45 NLM to delay loading of AUTOEXEC.NCF NLMs
H.46 Checksum errors showing up on MONITOR.NLM screen
H.47 Using EMM386 with Boot ROM (ie. diskless) workstations
H.48 Fixing NetWare partition problems when Mac support NLMs are used
H.49 BSOD (Black Screen of Death) fix
H.50 Running a World Wide Web server on NetWare
H.51 Testing the strength/security of your users' passwords
H.52 Faster (but riskier) re-mirroring after server crash
H.53 Sharing a modem across a NetWare network
H.54.1 Using the Debugger to determine the cause of the ABEND
H.54.2 Help for Debugger commands
H.55 Network management utilities
H.56 Only see 2 GB of disk space in DOS/Win when U know HD/volume is bigger
H.57 Patching NetWare to handle the Year 2000 and beyond

I.1 Comparison between NETX and VLM NetWare Client Software
I.2 Sample NET.CFG for conventional NETX shells
I.3 Sample NET.CFG for VLM redirectors
I.4 Tuning the performance of the NetWare DOS Requester
I.4.1 General Information
I.4.2 Memory handling
I.4.3 Module loading tuning / general tips
I.4.4 Packet tuning
I.5 An Example STARTNET.BAT for use with the VLM Redirector
I.6 Sample Appletalk entries in AUTOEXEC.NCF

J.1 Installing Netware 3.12 or 4.0x without a CD-ROM drive (sort of)
J.2 Dumping your configuration to an ASCII file
J.3 To Upgrade or Migrate to NetWare 4.1
J.3.1 Upgrading to NetWare 3.12 instead of NetWare 4.1
J.3.2 Upgrading from NetWare 3.11 to NetWare 3.12
J.4 Disable Login Banner
J.5 Backing up/Restoring NDS -- multiple methodologies
J.6 Handling NetWare 4.x Page Faults
J.7 NetWare 4.x block size, compression and sub-allocation
J.7.1 Alternative compression products
J.8 Expanding the size of the NetWare SYS volume
J.9 NetWare 4.1 NLM version list
J.10 NetWare 4.1 NLM patch list
J.11 The Novell Consulting Services (CD-ROM) Toolkit
J.12 Gaining access to the Admin password on a NetWare 4.x Tree
J.13 NetWare 4.10 SFT-III (System Fault Tolerance III)
J.13.1 Considerations
J.13.1.1 Backup Considerations
J.13.1.2 UPS Considerations
J.13.1.3 MSL Considerations
J.13.1.4 Network Management Considerations
J.13.2 SFT-III and Raid 5
J.13.3 Will SFT-III work on NetWare 3.12 ?
J.13.4 Will NetWare Connect work on SFT-III ?
J.13.5 ARCserve 5.01g and SFT-III configuration
J.13.6 TCP/IP and SFT-III configuration
J.13.7 SFT-III Engines swapping
J.13.8 MS_Engines produced a different output
J.13.9 Additional information
J.13.10 Other products of interest: Vinca StandbyServer
J.14 Mirroring

K.1 The Novell Companion
K.2 LAN Connectivity from New Rider Publishing
K.3 Using NetWare 4
K.4 Novell's guide to NetWare LAN analysis
K.5 Novell's SDK CD-ROM
K.6 EMS Professional Shareware NetWare CD-ROM
K.7 Shareware NetWare API Library
K.8 Quickpath to NetWare 4.1 Networks
K.9 Novell Application Notes
K.10 The NSE Pro CD
K.11 Netware 4 Administration
K.12 Using NetWare 4.1 - The Most Complete Reference

L.1 Introduction
L.2 The Physical Structure of the Four Ethernet Frame Types
L.3 The Political Origin of the Four Ethernet Frame Types
L.3.1 Where did Ethernet_II come from?
L.3.2 Where did Ethernet_802.2 come from?
L.3.3 Where did Ethernet_802.3 come from?
L.3.4 Where did Ethernet_SNAP come from?
L.3.5 Why does IPX run on all four frame types?
L.4 Should You Use Ethernet_802.3?
L.4.1 What frame type Joe D. uses
L.5 Which Ethernet frame type should I use for IPX?

M.1 What is a CNE
M.2 How to get CNE qualification
M.3 Useful reading for CNE studies
M.4 CNE-related documents from Novell FAXBACK Service

N.1 How do I get to see a CD drive on my Netware v3.12 server?
N.2 100% CPU utilization when mounting a CD-ROM
N.3.1 CD-ROM software products for NetWare
N.3.2 CD-ROM hardware products for NetWare
N.4 CD-ROM resources via the WWW
N.5 Mounting an IDE CD-ROM on a NetWare server
N.6 Mapping CD-ROM drives

O.1 Obtaining files demonstrating Visual Basic with Netware
O.2 Visual Basic and Netware AppNotes
O.3 Visual Basic and Netware Books
O.4 Apiary's Developer Suite for NetWare - VB 4.0 Edition
O.5 NetBasic & Visual NetBasic

P.1 "Lan receive buffer limit reached"
P.2 "Primary Interrupt Controller Detected A Lost Hardware Interrupt"
P.3 "Loader cannot find public symbol..."
P.4 Getting rid of *all* NetWare system messages on a client PC
P.5 Using the Message Timeout option of the VLM

Q.1 Booting Windows 95 from NetWare on a disk-less workstation
Q.2 Upgrading to Windows 95
Q.3 The NetWare Requestor for Windows 95
Q.4 Server install note
Q.5 Long filename install workarounds
Q.6 Crippled MS NetWare Requestor stack
Q.7 NetWare 4.x NDS and Windows 95
Q.8 Windows 95 WWW links
Q.9 Telling Windows 95 to back-off!
Q.10 Let's be clear...this is a _NOVELL_ list
Q.11 The best version of the Windows 95 Help File is...
Q.12 Integrating the Netware Client 4 DOS/Windows (VLMs) with Windows 95
Q.12.1 Installation Overview
Q.12.2 Some FAQs on integrating NetWare Client kit (VLMs) with Windows 95
Q.12.3 Detailed Step-by-Step Installation/Configuration Instructions
Q.13 Windows 95 + SAPs .NE. NetWare file server !!!
Q.14 Is there any way to check the version of Client32 for Win95?

R.0 Word 5/DOS from Microsoft
R.1 QEdit from SemWare
R.1.1 The Semware Editor from SemWare
R.2 Multi-Edit from American Cybernetics
R.3 Brief from Borland
R.4 Edlin from Microsoft
R.5 Copy con filename from Microsoft
R.6 DOS 5.x/6.x (QBasic) Edit from Microsoft
R.7 Epsilon from Lugaru Software
R.8 AAEMACS with Gnu source code
R.9 G (freeware)
R.50 Windows Editors
R.51 WinEdit from Wilson WindowWare
R.52 MegaEdit from WinNET Communications, Inc.
R.53 PFE (freeware)
R.54 TextPad from Helios Software Solutions
R.55 Zeus for Windows (shareware)
R.99 VEdit, KEdit, HEdit, PE & others

S.0 NOVTOP10.TXT - Top "10" NetWare Related Internet Sites
S.1 311-312A.TXT - Info on Updating a NetWare 3.11 server to 3.12
S.2 311-312B.TXT - Info on Upgrading a NetWare 3.11 server to 3.12
S.3 31x-41x.TXT - Email thread on Upgrading NetWare 3.1x to 4.10
S.4 AUDITCON.TXT - Email thread on NetWare's Auditing Facilities
S.5 BRIDGING.TXT - Info on NetWare 4.x Bridging
S.6 ETHvsTRx.TXT - Email thread on Ethernet versus Token Ring
S.7 FTP&HTTP.TXT - Info on NetWare Hardware/Software Vendors
S.8 INTERNET.TXT - Email thread on Netware & The Road Ahead
S.9 INTRO2IP.TXT - Info on the Internet Protocol
S.10 IPX-2-IP.TXT - Email thread on IPX to IP Convertors
S.11 NETNOTFY.TXT - NetNotify Bulletin & Notification mailing list
S.12 NOT-NEWS.TXT - Info on this NOVELL-specific mailing LIST
S.13 NOV-100.TXT - Email thread on NetWare 4.x 100% Utilization issue
S.14 NOV-ATM.TXT - Email thread on NW & Asynchronous Transfer Mode
S.15 NOV-BAKx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Backup issues
S.16 NOV-BIO.TXT - Info on contributors to the Novell Internet List
S.17 NOV-BM.TXT - Email thread on Novell Border Manager
S.18 NOV-BR9x.TXT - Notes & thread on BrainShare'95, '96 & Green River
S.19 NOV-BSOD.TXT - Info on NetWare and the "Black Screen of Death"
S.20 NOV-CD.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Server CD-ROMs
S.21 NOV-CNEx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare and CNE certification
S.22 NOV-COMx.TXT - Email thread on Netware and Serial Communication
S.23 NOV-DHCP.TXT - Email thread on NetWare & DHCP
S.24 NOV-FDDI.TXT - Email thread on Fiber Data Distributed Interface
S.25 NOV-FTP.TXT - Email thread on ftp'able files for NetWare
S.26 NOV-HDWx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare file server hardware
S.27 NOV-ISDN.TXT - Email thread on NetWare across ISDN lines
S.28 NOV-MAP.TXT - Email thread on NetWare drive mappings
S.29 NOV-MEMx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare memory management
S.30 NOV-MOAB.TXT - Email thread on NW's "Next Gen" IP-Only NOS
S.31 NOV-MSCx.TXT - Email thread on miscellaneous NetWare topics
S.32 NOV-NAL.TXT - Email thread on the Novell Application Launcher
S.33 NOV-NCFG.TXT - Email thread on Net.cfg settings
S.34 NOV-NDSx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Directory Services
S.35 NOV-NFSx.TXT - Email thread on the Network File System
S.36 NOV-NICx.TXT - Email thread on Network Interface Cards
S.37 NOV-NLI.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Not-Logged-In Clearers
S.38 NOV-NLSP.TXT - Email thread on Novell Link State Routing Protocol
S.39 NOV-NWIP.TXT - Email thread on NetWare IP (Internet Protocol)
S.40 NOV-OS2.TXT - Email thread on NetWare and OS/2
S.41 NOV-PERx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Performance Aspects
S.42 NOV-RS.TXT - Email thread on Novell Replication Services
S.43 NOV-SAP.TXT - Info on NetWare SAPs
S.44 NOV-SCSx.TXT - Email thread on Netware and SCSI devices
S.45 NOV-SET.TXT - Email thread on NetWare SET Commands
S.46 NOV-SVY.TXT - Responses to Novell's "Your NW 4 wish list" survey
S.47 NOV-TIMx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare & Time Synchronization
S.48 NOV-UPS.TXT - Email thread on Uninterruptable Power Supplies
S.49 NOV-VER.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Software Versions
S.50 NOV-VLM.TXT - Email thread on NetWare and Virtual Loadable Modules
S.51 NOV-W95x.TXT - Email thread on NetWare and Windows 95
S.52 NOV-WEB.TXT - Email thread on NetWare as a WWW Server
S.53 NOV-WIN.TXT - Email thread on Windows 3.x and NetWare
S.54 NOVABEND.TXT - Email thread on NetWare ABnormal ENDs
S.55 NOVBOOKS.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Books
S.56 NOVCONSF.TXT - The Comp.Os.Netware.Security Faq
S.57 NOVEMAIL.TXT - Email thread on NetWare and Electronic Mail
S.58 NOVERMSG.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Error Messages
S.59 NOVFRAME.TXT - Email thread on Ethernet Frame Types
S.60 NOVNCOPY.TXT - Analysis of what NCopy *Really* Does
S.61 NOVPRINx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Printing
S.62 NOVSETUP.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Setup Methodologies
S.63 NOVTCPIP.TXT - Email thread on NetWare and TCP/IP
S.64 NOVVIRUS.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Anti-Virus Products
S.65 NVCL-NT.TXT - Email thread on the NT Requestor for NetWare
S.66 NVCL32Dx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare's Client 32 for DOS&Win
S.67 NW-NEWSx.TXT - Selected items from the NetWare News Mail List
S.68 NW-vsxNT.TXT - Email thread on NetWare versus Windows NT
S.69 NW411.TXT - Email thread on (Intra)NetWare 4.11
S.70 NW4SAA.TXT - Email thread on NetWare for SAA
S.71 NWSCRIPT.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Log-In Script Files
S.72 NW4xFAQ.TXT - NetWare 4.x FAQ based on CIS forum Q&A's
S.73 NWUFAQ.TXT - A well-aged FAQ on NetWare for Unix
S.74 ODI-IPX.TXT - Info on the move by Novell to the ODI specification
S.75 ROUTERS.TXT - Email thread on Routers and NetWare routing
S.76 SECURTYx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare Security Issues
S.77 SUBNETS.TXT - Email thread on Subnetting
S.78 SWITCHES.TXT - Email thread on Network Switches
S.79 TCPIPWIN.TXT - Info on Windows + TCP/IP for Internet access
S.80 UNIXWARE.TXT - Info on Novell's UnixWare
S.81 USERMGMx.TXT - Email thread on NetWare User Management
S.82 UTAHSTD.TXT - Utah naming & numbering standard for Novell objects
S.83 VLM-NETx.TXT - Email thread on VLMs versus NETx redirector
S.84 W95&SAPs.TXT - Info on Windows '95's SAP "feature"
S.85 WIN95BOO.TXT - Info on booting Windows '95 diskless from NW server
S.86 NW5.TXT - Email thread on NetWare 5
S.87 NOV-DNS.TXT - Email thread on NetWare & Domain Name Service
S.88 NOV-LONG.TXT - Email thread on NetWare & Long filenames
S.89 NOV-Y2K.TXT - Email thread on NetWare & and the Year 2000
S.90 NOV-ZEN.TXT - Email thread on NetWare & Zero Effort Networks
S.91 Y2K.HTM  - Email Comments on General Year 2000 Issues
S.99 2BADDED.TXT - Misc. stuff not yet added to the FAQ