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(0.0) Introduction and Credits

OS/2 Warp Frequently Asked Questions List
User's Edition (U.S. English)
Release 3
February 20, 1995
Compiled by Timothy F. Sipples

Copyright (c) 1995 by Timothy F. Sipples
All Rights Reserved.

For changes, suggestions, or additions please mail tsipple@vnet.ibm.com or write:

Timothy F. Sipples
IBM Personal Software
One IBM Plaza (07/SS4)
Chicago, IL  60611
FAX (312) 245-7624

I cannot acknowledge your contribution(s) individually, but they are greatly appreciated.

Mention of a product does not constitute an endorsement. Customers outside the United States should not necessarily rely on 800 telephone numbers, page numbers, part numbers, or upgrade policies contained in this List. Electronic mail addresses are in Internet form; use addressing appropriate to your mail system. Certain product names, including OS/2, OS/2 Warp, and Windows, are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective holders.

This List is freely distributable for noncommercial purposes. (For commercial purposes, please contact the author.) If you redistribute the List, please include all the original files. The views expressed in this document are not necessarily those of IBM Corp.

This List is updated regularly and is distributed through various computer networks and online services, including the Internet, CompuServe, GEnie, and many BBSes.

Both ASCII text and OS/2 Warp Information Presentation Facility (INF) versions of the List are provided. To view the INF version of the List, go to any OS/2 Warp command line prompt (e.g. double click on "OS/2 Window") and type:


The ASCII text version may be viewed using any text editor, word processor, or file listing utility. The text version is intended to answer any questions you may have before actually obtaining and using OS/2 Warp. You will find that the INF version provides a much more attractive List, with hypertext links, fast indexing, and, increasingly, illustrations.

If you have not received all three files (WARPFAQ.ICO, WARPFAQ.INF, and WARPFAQ.TXT), please ask your system operator to make sure he/she is receiving the correct and complete package.

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