OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0202

(2.2) SuperVGA Support

Will OS/2 Warp work with my SuperVGA adapter?

Consult the OS/2 Warp printed manual for complete information on SuperVGA support.

OS/2 Warp contains built-in 256 (or more) color drivers for most SuperVGA adapters based on the following chipsets:

These chipsets are used in the vast majority of SuperVGA adapters. OS/2 Warp also supplies "generic" SuperVGA support for other chipsets (such as Chips & Technologies and Realtek) which allows full screen DOS and Windows applications to run in SuperVGA modes, but OS/2's Workplace Shell runs in VGA resolution. If a high resolution driver for your SuperVGA card is not included with OS/2 Warp, contact the video card manufacturer for the correct driver. Many drivers included with OS/2 Warp support HiColor (65,536 colors) and even TrueColor (16 million colors) modes if you have enough video memory.

Some SuperVGA adapters (notably ATI's Vantage and Ultra lines) are 8514/A hardware compatible and will function in 1024x768 256 color mode with OS/2's built-in 8514/A driver.

Regular Windows 3.1 display drivers may be used for the full screen Win-OS/2 desktop. To install a Windows 3.1 display driver under Win-OS/2, simply replace the fdisplay= entry in the SYSTEM.INI file with the name of the Windows .DRV file supplied by the vendor, and copy the .DRV file to the Win-OS/2 SYSTEM directory. Note that you may have to use the EXPAND program supplied with Windows or Win-OS/2 to decompress the vendor's .DRV file.

Settings for your SuperVGA display are controlled from the System object in your System Setup folder (which is located inside the OS/2 System folder). There you can change video modes and even set the refresh rates for those modes according to your monitor's capabilities.

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