OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0301

(3.1) Applications

What applications are available for OS/2 Warp?

In addition to the thousands of applications available for DOS and Windows, there are over 2,500 OS/2-specific applications representing almost every category imaginable. OS/2 Warp provides an attractive, 32-bit, Workplace Shell environment for new applications; many do not have DOS/Windows predecessors. Here are just a few:

OS/2 Warp versions of popular utilities include Info-Zip's Zip and Unzip, ARC, LHA, Zoo 2.1, many GNU tools, tens of different file finders, desktop clocks, calculators, and many more. Programming languages include Ada, APL, Assembler, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, Forth, Fortran, Icon, LISP, Modula-2, Pascal, PL/1, Prolog, REXX (included with every copy of OS/2 Warp), Smalltalk, and still more, from vendors such as Borland, Cabot, Clarion, IBM, Microway, Symantec (through its Zortech subsidiary), Watcom, and many more. Two free ports of the 32-bit GNU C/C++ compiler, GCC/2 and EMX/GCC, are available [see (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources]. See the Programmer's Edition of the OS/2 Warp Frequently Asked Questions List for more information on OS/2 Warp programming tools and utilities.

The IBM PC Company BBS (919-517-0001) provides an online product database of OS/2-specific software. A directory of OS/2 applications, IBM document number G362-0029, is published by Graphics Plus (phone 800-READ-OS2). The OS/2 Development Tools Guide is available free of charge by calling the IBM Developer Assistance Program at (407) 982-6408. TINF [see (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources] is an applications directory (for use with the OS/2 VIEW facility).

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