OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0304

(3.4) Disk Utilities

Is there a Norton Utilities for OS/2 Warp?

Not yet, although Norton Desktop, Norton Utilities, and Norton Commander all work under OS/2 Warp's DOS/Windows sessions [with limitations; see (1.3) DOS and Windows Compatibility]. Also, Norton Commander is now available for OS/2 Warp.

However, there are at least three sets of system utilities just for OS/2 Warp: GammaTech Utilities, JFS Utilities, and Graham Utilities. All are available from dealers specializing in OS/2 Warp software. Note that OS/2 Warp has a built-in UNDELETE command (see the online Command Reference for instructions on how to enable UNDELETE), and HPFS is resistant to fragmentation [see (1.5) High Performance File System].

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