OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0307

(3.7) Viruses

Should I worry about viruses when running OS/2 Warp?

At present there are no viruses specific to OS/2 Warp. However, DOS/Windows viruses can conceivably infect an OS/2 Warp system. DOS/Windows antivirus tools are just as useful in preventing such infection. Also, IBM has an antivirus package (AntiVirus/2) which runs under OS/2 Warp directly (without using a DOS or Windows session). To order AntiVirus/2, call 800-551-3579 (800-465-7999 in Canada). Other antivirus packages for OS/2 Warp include Central Point's AntiVirus, McAfee's SCAN and CLEAN, and Dr. Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit, Dr. Cohen, and F-PROT.

But OS/2 Warp is likely to be much more resistant to viruses because of its design. Viruses running in one virtual DOS/Windows session are likely to be confined to that session. Low level disk access is curtailed under OS/2 Warp, thus preventing most virus infection at that level. And when a DOS/Windows virus does trigger, it is far less likely to disrupt the entire system. In fact, OS/2 Warp is most vulnerable when it isn't in charge (i.e. when native DOS is being used). A DOS virus then has free reign to write to the hard disk and possibly disable OS/2 Warp. The greater risk comes from leaving OS/2 Warp.

OS/2 Warp is by no means virus proof -- no system is. But it should prove more resistant to virus infection.

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