OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0312

(3.12) Backup Software

What backup software is available?

Generally DOS backup programs will work under OS/2 Warp, but they may not capture some OS/2 data (especially extended attributes) on the hard disk without the assistance of utilities such as EABackup [see (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources].

OS/2 Warp backup tools are available, notably:

ADSM                    IBM                       800-IBM-CALL
ARCsolo                 Cheyene                   800-243-9462
Back Again/2            Computer Data Strategies  612-730-4156
Back in a Flash!        CCT Inc.                  612-339-5870
BackMaster              MSR Development           409-564-1862
BakupWiz                PCX                       619-259-9797
DMS/Intelligent Backup  Sterling                  916-635-5535
DualStor                IBM                       800-IBM-2-YOU
NovaBack                NovaStor                  818-707-9900
Sytos Premium           Sytron                    508-898-0100
                                                  508-898-2608 (BBS)

Note that BackMaster now supports portable tape drives designed to attach to a parallel port, including those made by Colorado/HP, as well as other tape drives (SCSI and non-SCSI).

Keeping your data and applications safe and secure means that you have a well rehearsed backup and restore strategy. This strategy should be tested, because your backup is only useful if it can be restored. Make sure that the OS/2 Warp backup software you choose has the features you need for your backup strategy and that it supports a wide variety of tape backup systems (including yours).

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