OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0313

(3.13) Multiuser Extensions and Security

What multiuser extensions and security options are available?

OS/2 Warp, as it ships, does not provide multiuser capabilities. These capabilities are provided by add-ons which deliver security, network access by many users, remote control capabilities, or some combination of features. Commercial products for remote and network access include:

Citrix         Citrix Systems             305-755-0559
DCAF           IBM                        800-IBM-CALL
KopyKat        Hilgraeve                  313-243-0576
LAN Distance   IBM                        800-IBM-CALL
LAN Server     IBM                        800-IBM-CALL
OS2You/PM2You  Ridax programutveckling    Sweden 031-196074
Poly/PM        Software Corp. of America  203-359-2773
Remote-OS      Software Lifeline          407-994-4466

Products which provide security features (including software designed to protect OS/2 Warp in a computer lab, where PCs are used by many different people, one at a time) include:

DeskMan/2             DevTech       803-790-9230
Desktop Observatory   Pinnacle      317-279-5157
PC/DACS               Pyramid       203-257-4223
Restricted Workplace  IBM           (Limited Availability)
Secure Workplace      Syntegration  909-464-9450

As always, you should contact each vendor for additional information so that you can determine which software best meets your needs for security, remote access, network access, and multiuser capabilities with OS/2 Warp.

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