OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0316

(3.16) Image Scanners

How can I use my scanner with OS/2 Warp?

There are three basic approaches to using your image scanner with OS/2 Warp. In decreasing order of attractiveness:

  1. Buy Native OS/2 Warp Software. Real 32-bit OS/2 software gives you the best results, integrates well with other OS/2 applications, and works reliably. OS/2 software packages for scanners are now available, including Applause from Solution Technology (407-241-3210 or FAX 407-997-6518) and ImpOS2. (Applause is available in versions for Logitech and HP scanners.)
  2. Use Existing DOS/Windows Software (SCSI-based Scanner). Many scanners for PCs are attached to SCSI adapters (like those from Adaptec) for which there are OS/2 .ADD device drivers. You can use your existing DOS or Windows scanner software if you follow these steps:
    1. Load the OS/2 .ADD driver for your SCSI adapter. OS/2 Warp will do so automatically for Adaptec, BusLogic, DPT, IBM, and MediaVision/Trantor SCSI adapters. You need a BASEDEV=XYZ.ADD line in your CONFIG.SYS file in order to load the correct driver, where XYZ.ADD is the name of the OS/2 driver file for your SCSI adapter.
    2. Configure OS/2 Warp for ASPI support. Make sure that the following two lines are in your CONFIG.SYS file:

      where X is replaced with the drive where OS/2 is installed.

    3. Load TWAIN device drivers in a DOS/Windows session and run the software. Your scanner or scanning software probably came with a device driver for so-called TWAIN support which is designed to work with ASPI (Adaptec SCSI Programming Interface). Since you have just configured OS/2 Warp to provide ASPI services to your DOS and Windows sessions, you can now load device drivers (such as TWAIN drivers) and software which uses ASPI. (Since OS/2 Warp is providing ASPI services, do not attempt to load DOS or Windows SCSI or ASPI drivers.) Consult the documentation accompanying your scanner and/or scanning software for additional advice.
  3. Use Existing DOS/Windows Software (non-SCSI Scanner). If your scanner is attached to a proprietary adapter (often not a SCSI adapter), you may use a specific DOS session under OS/2 Warp to load the necessary device drivers (including a driver for the proprietary adapter) and run your scanning software.

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