OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0402

(4.2) Installing from Drive B

I can't install OS/2 Warp from Drive B. What's wrong?

IBM OS/2 Warp can only be installed starting from Drive A, like DOS (unless your BIOS supports booting from Drive B). After booting from Drive A, OS/2 Warp can then be copied from CD-ROM or across a network. (For more information on installation across a network, see Remote Installation and Maintenance, IBM Publication No. GG24-3780. Related publications include Automated Installation for CID Enabled OS/2, IBM Pub. No. GG24-3783, and Automated Installation for CID Enabled Extended Services, LAN Server and Network Transport Services/2, IBM Pub. No. GG24-3781.) You could open your machine and swap floppy drive cable connectors, use your system's setup utility to set the new CMOS parameters, and then install OS/2 Warp from the "new" Drive A. Sometimes the floppy drive cable connectors will not be the same. If so you can obtain an adapter plug.

You may also use IBM's twin "bootstrap" diskette images [see (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources] to boot from a 5.25 inch Drive A and install using 3.5 inch OS/2 diskettes inserted into Drive B. These two diskettes are also available free of charge from IBM OS/2 Warp Technical Support. However, this procedure should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Since an ever increasing number of PC software packages is only available on 3.5 inch diskettes (or CD-ROM), IBM recommends that you take the time now, if at all possible, to reconfigure your PC so that you have a 3.5 inch Drive A.

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