OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0500

(5.0) Using OS/2 Warp

The following questions are addressed in this section:

(5.1) I'm a Unix wizard. How do I make OS/2 Warp resemble Unix?

(5.2) I prefer Windows. How do I make OS/2 Warp resemble Windows?

(5.3) Sometimes OS/2 Warp will freeze when I run an application. What do I do?

(5.4) How do I start a background process from the OS/2 Warp command line?

(5.5) How do I add new Adobe Type Manager Typefaces?

(5.6) How do I tweak OS/2 Warp for maximum performance?

(5.7) How do I measure OS/2 Warp performance and memory usage?

(5.8) My background bitmap does not display correctly. What's wrong?

(5.9) How do I boot a real version of DOS from within OS/2 Warp?

(5.10) Are there any clever tricks that apply to OS/2 Warp?

(5.11) How do I use REXX? What does it do?

(5.12) What ANSI escape sequences can be used?

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