OS/2 Device Drivers (Sa, 21 Aug 1999)

OS/2 Device Drivers (Sa, 21 Aug 1999)

OS/2 Device Drivers-- ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers

  Available files: 
URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/21comm.exe
Filesize:  35751 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-15-94
Description:  OS/2 2.1 COM.SYS update for PCMCIA mach

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/21comm.zip
Filesize:  19981 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-15-94
Description:  OS/2 2.1 COM.SYS update for PCMCIA mach ...This is a fix for the OS/2 2.1
COMM driver, and also contains PCMCIA support...

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/21d1ht.txt
Filesize:  7750 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  10-08-93
Description:  OS/2 2.1 install disk 1 hang/trap info

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/21optcl.com
Filesize:  8264 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-23-93
Description:  Optical.sys driver for OS/2 2.1

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/24f-os2.zip
Filesize:  40394 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-18-93
Description:  Ultrastor 24f EISA SCSI control OS/2 dr

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/34f-os2.zip
Filesize:  56414 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-18-93
Description:  Ultrastor 34f SCSI control OS/2 driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/3com_mac.com
Filesize:  17680 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-29-92
Description:  3Com EtherLink driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/4mmos2.com
Filesize:  17753 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-27-93
Description:  Driver for 2GB Tape Drive under Sytos +

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/8514.exe
Filesize:  893335 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  OS/2 Device Driver for BGA / 8514

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/87os221.zip
Filesize:  587776 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-21-93
Description:  OAK-087 Prostar SVGA Drivers for OS/2

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/aria16.zip
Filesize:  124802 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-27-95
Description:  Prometheus Audio Driver, Aptiva Install

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/atapi.zip
Filesize:  683864 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-26-96
Description:  OS/2 2.x/3.x IDE CD-ROM Drivers

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/audio_20.txt
Filesize:  3444 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-28-95
Description:  Audiocation 2.0 Annoucement

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/av20doc.exe
Filesize:  109721 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-14-94
Description:  Audiovation ISA Documentation

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/av20doca.exe
Filesize:  87401 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-14-94
Description:  Audiovation MCA Documentation

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/av211.exe
Filesize:  1212457 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  Audiovation Win/DOS install disk 1 of 3

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/av212.exe
Filesize:  1124312 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  Audiovation Win/DOS install disk 2 of 3

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/av213.exe
Filesize:  1085267 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  Audiovation Win/DOS install disk 3 of 3

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/av21util.exe
Filesize:  232062 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  Audiovation Utilities/Diagnostics

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/avmmpm.exe
Filesize:  253218 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  Audiovation MMPM/2 support

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/avmwm.exe
Filesize:  548474 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  OS/2 Audiovation Manager (read 5-line)

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/avos221.exe
Filesize:  81082 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-19-96
Description:  OS/2 Fix for release 2.1

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/bt-os2.zip
Filesize:  10240 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-18-93
Description:  Buslogic OS/2 2.x SCSI device driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/btos2.zip
Filesize:  39280 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  08-25-95
Description:  SCSI Bus Toaster ADD for OS/2 Warp

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/btscsi.com
Filesize:  12721 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  12-15-92
Description:  Contain BTSCSI.ADD - SCSI Adapt. Driver ...This file is the Buslogic 121
OS/2 2.0 SCSI Adapter Driver.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/bvhsvga.zip
Filesize:  12651 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-27-93
Description:  OS/2 2.0 fix-WD SVGA w/1mg C0000005 err

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/cdu535.zip
Filesize:  5028 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-15-93
Description:  Sony driver for CDU-535 CD ROM

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/chinon.zip
Filesize:  6381 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  12-02-93
Description:  Drivers for Chinon 431, 435, 535 CDROM

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/coax_mac.com
Filesize:  13600 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-28-92
Description:  3174 Peer Communications driver ...3174 Peer Communications: IBMXLN.OS2 -
Driver name, IBMXLN.NIF - network information file, LT3.MSG - message file, LT3H.MSG -
message help file

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/com16550.zip
Filesize:  13445 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  05-23-91
Description:  OS/2 COM01 driver enables 16450/16550

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/commga.zip
Filesize:  72734 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-30-92
Description:  2.0GA beta comm drivers-remove IO hooks

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/comsys.zip
Filesize:  21840 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-17-93
Description:  com.sys vcom.sys os/2 2.1 pcmcia modem ...update to COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS
for OS/2 2.1 to include PCMCIA modems

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/cvlsi2.txt
Filesize:  244 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-09-95
Description:  Info for CVLSI2.TXT

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/cvlsi3.txt
Filesize:  273 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-09-95
Description:  INFO for CVLSI3.ZIP

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/cvlsi3.zip
Filesize:  11725 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-09-95
Description:  OS/2 Warp support for Compaq LTE Elite

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/deskjet.txt
Filesize:  2277 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-10-92
Description:  Info on contents of HPDJET.ZIP in dir17

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/disktest.com
Filesize:  28223 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-02-93
Description:  3.5" R/W optical - DiskTest.EXE,README

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/dtc3x80.zip
Filesize:  26265 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-19-94
Description:  Driver & tips for DTC 3x80 SCSI Adapter ...This is the driver for the
DAta Technologies Corp 3x80AS SCSI Host Adapter. It also contains a HOW TO on getting the
driver to work with OS/2 2.0 as well as 2.1

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/epwarp.zip
Filesize:  83735 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  05-23-95
Description:  OS/2 Epson printer driver ver. 13.437

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/et4000a.zip
Filesize:  1179 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-04-91
Description:  Patch Icons - Orchid/Tseng4000 OS/2 dvr ...This is a text file which
describes how to patch the Orchid/Tseng4000 OS/2 beta drivers to select other than
default-size icons. The 1024x768 driver uses a large icon size. This text file (obtained
fron the IBM OS/2 forum on Compuserve) scribes how to patch for two alternate icon

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ethr_mac.com
Filesize:  23600 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-28-92
Description:  Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks driver ...Adapter/A for Ethernet
Networks: MACETH.OS2 - driver name, MACETH2.OS2: - driver name for a second adapter
installed, MACETH.NIF - network information file, ETH.MSG - message file, ETHH.MSG -
message help file.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/fdwpga.zip
Filesize:  47113 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-07-95
Description:  Fixed FutureDomainSCSI drvrs: OS/2v3.0GA

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/flpyfix.zip
Filesize:  37813 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-02-94
Description:  PJ12214 for DualStor on AT Bus machines ...This file contains

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/goodlan.txt
Filesize:  2115 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-29-92
Description:  OS/2 fix docum. on LS13FX & LS20FX.ZIP

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/hpdjet.zip
Filesize:  91558 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-29-94
Description:  OS/2 HP DeskJet Printer Driver ...IBM DeskJet OS/2 Driver for 550C, 310,
500, 500C

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/iaos2102.zip
Filesize:  2243299 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  12-13-94
Description:  OS/2 2.1 drvrs>Cornerstone&ImageAccel

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm3852.zip
Filesize:  51688 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-16-92
Description:  IBM3852.DRV printer driver for OS/2 2.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm42xx.zip
Filesize:  273685 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-22-95
Description:  IBM 42xx Warp printer drivers v2.385

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm5152.zip
Filesize:  51117 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-16-92
Description:  IBM5152.DRV printer driver for OS/2 2.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm5182.zip
Filesize:  54460 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-16-92
Description:  IBM5182.DRV printer driver for OS/2 2.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm52011.zip
Filesize:  38664 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-16-92
Description:  IBM52011.DRV printer driver -- OS/2 2.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm52012.zip
Filesize:  52945 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-22-95
Description:  printer driver for warp v1.208

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm5216.zip
Filesize:  38678 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-26-94
Description:  Wheelwriter I 5216 OS/2 Printer Driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibm52xx.zip
Filesize:  173629 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-01-95
Description:  OS/2 Warp IBM 52xx printer driver v1.289

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ibmos2dr.zip
Filesize:  11041 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-14-92
Description:  ODI Ethernet drivers for OS/2

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/icmem2.txt
Filesize:  5961 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-03-93
Description:  Info on ICMEM2.ZIP IC Memory Card Drvrs

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/icmem2.zip
Filesize:  50619 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  05-11-94
Description:  OS/2 2.1 IC Memory Card Drivers v 1.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/joystick.zip
Filesize:  11575 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-26-95
Description:  OS/2 Joystick Device Driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/ljet.zip
Filesize:  271501 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-11-94
Description:  OS/2 HP LaserJet Printer Driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/lms205.zip
Filesize:  20665 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-03-94
Description:  CD rom driver;Phillips LMS CM205 single

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/lms206.zip
Filesize:  22039 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-03-94
Description:  CD rom driver;Phillips CM206 and 205MS

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/mach32.exe
Filesize:  1209058 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-16-96
Description:  OS/2 Driver for ATI Mach 32 accel video

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/mach64.zip
Filesize:  1185666 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-01-95
Description:  OS/2 GrphcAcclrtr drvr MACH64 from ATI T

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/mitfx.zip
Filesize:  15276 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-27-93
Description:  Drvr for Mitsumi FX001,001D,LU005 CDROM ...Driver supports Data, Audio,
Multisession Photo CD

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/mouinf.zip
Filesize:  92160 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-20-94
Description:  OS/2 Mouse info, Tips, Configuration

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/mouse.zip
Filesize:  10772 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-30-92
Description:  2.0GA new MOUSE.SYS fixes wild mouse

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/mousey10.zip
Filesize:  17029 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-27-93
Description:  allows changing of mouse ptr OS/2 2.1

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/mvprod.zip
Filesize:  29962 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-10-95
Description:  OS/2 MediaVision PAS16 drvr(WARP ONLY

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os20memu.zip
Filesize:  91553 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-13-93
Description:  20 MEMU for OS/2 2.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2131b.zip
Filesize:  228586 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  10-17-91
Description:  New PM driver for HP LJIII, IIIP, IIIsi ...This is the latest driver for
the HP LJ III-series printers supporting PCL5. It fixes the black page problem that
affected some users and had other minor fixes. Be sure to follow the install instructions

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2ati12.zip
Filesize:  667080 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-08-94
Description:  ATI video drvrs v1.2 for OS/2 2.1 ...Needs LOADER.EXE. Supports for ATI,
ULTRA, MACH 32, etc.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2bt3.zip
Filesize:  619102 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-20-93
Description:  Latest drivers for ATI graphic cards

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2laser.zip
Filesize:  283612 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-27-92
Description:  4019.DRV 4019, 4029 OS/2 drivers ...Latest OS/2 drivers from Lexmark for
4019 & 4029 OS/2 1.x, 2.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2p30.zip
Filesize:  11646 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-06-95
Description:  OS/2 3.0 PCMCIA sprt for AST Asce.900N

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2pcm.exe
Filesize:  314729 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-28-94
Description:  OS/2 2.1x PCMCIA Socket Services..etc ...Contains PCMCIA Socket Services,
Card Services, and Configuration Manager Graphical User Interface for PCMCIA Support.
Includes support for PCMCIA modems and ATA devices

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2pcm.txt
Filesize:  1656 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-29-94
Description:  Info on OS2PCM.ZIP (OS/22.1x PCMCIA)

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2pcm.zip
Filesize:  313112 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-29-94
Description:  OS/2 2.1x PCMCIA Socket Services..etc ...Contains PCMCIA Socket Services,
Card Services, and Configuration Manager Graphical User Interface for PCMCIA Support.
Includes support for PCMCIA modems and ATA devices

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/os2t45.zip
Filesize:  34240 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-22-94
Description:  OS/2 PCMCIA Socket Serv. for T4500 ...This package contains the OS/2
PCMCIA Card Services(PCMCIA.SYS), Socket Services(IBM2TOS1.SYS) and the Resource Map
Utility (ICRMU01.SYS) for supporting PCMCIA devices under OS/2 2.1 on the Toshiba T4500,
T4600 and T4700 Notebook Computers.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/p3902021.zip
Filesize:  2334847 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-18-97
Description:  PC Server S/390 (P/390) Fixpack 2.2.1

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/p3902033.zip
Filesize:  1999254 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  12-04-97
Description:  PC Server S/390 (P/390) Fixpack 2.3.3

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/p390dgs.zip
Filesize:  2460 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-29-96
Description:  PC Server 500 S/390 (P/390) Diag Fixes

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/palett.zip
Filesize:  26619 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-16-92
Description:  2.0GA fix colors-Lotus Freelance Palett ...Some FLG VGA pictures do not
look good in OS/2 2.0. These are some replacement palette files for VGA that will improve
the pictures. Documentation is in a README file.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/pause.zip
Filesize:  1306 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-06-95
Description:  OS/2 Dev Drvr to PAUSE boot to read Drv

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/pcibus.snp
Filesize:  3072 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-24-99
Description:  Updated PCIBUS.SNP

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/pendd.zip
Filesize:  289911 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  05-17-94
Description:  PEN for OS/2 Device drivers. V 1.0B ...This is a package of device
drivers in addition to the drivers in PEN for OS/2 release 1.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/pjet.zip
Filesize:  46409 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-11-94
Description:  IBM PaintJet XL OS/2 Printer Driver-HP

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/pmgb32x.zip
Filesize:  103750 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-12-92
Description:  OS/2 PM World Globe & Globe-Ext. funct.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/pmpre.zip
Filesize:  82515 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-11-94
Description:  DISPLAY.DLL -color prn output (beta) ...This file is a 16-bit display
driver used by 16-bit printer drivers for bitmap support. This version has been modified
to improve printed color output for the HPDJET.ZIP and HPCLR.ZIP packages. Especially
useful when printing photo quality bitmaps.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/post16.zip
Filesize:  206075 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  08-11-93
Description:  postscript 16 printer device driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/prnfix.txt
Filesize:  22391 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  03-11-94
Description:  OS/2 Printer Fix/Update listing ...This package contains an ASCII text
file listing the history of fixes and changes to all the OS/2 printer driver packages
since their last updat. This list will help you determine if you wish to download a
Printer Driver to get new features or fixes over a previous lever you may have.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/read1st.c24
Filesize:  27678 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-14-96
Description:  Readme for wd_c24.exe file

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/read8514.txt
Filesize:  17331 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-22-96
Description:  Information file on BGA/8514 driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/rel131a.zip
Filesize:  225195 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-24-91
Description:  HP** Laserjet III* OS/2 PM printer drv. ...Hewlett-Packard** Laserjet III
Printer Family-OS/2 Ver 1.3X Presentation Manager Printer Driver. Run the program
supplied in the ZIP file called SETEAS.CMD to reset the Extended File Attributes before
installing the driver. ** Hewlett Packard & HP are Trademarks of Hewlett Packard Inc.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/restkn.zip
Filesize:  3912 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-02-93
Description:  Reset token ring Adapter card

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/rodnt100.zip
Filesize:  62912 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-25-95
Description:  rodnt100.zip

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/s3_16m.zip
Filesize:  1465544 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-12-96
Description:  S3 801/805/928 drivers OS/2 2.1x & 3.0

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sb16_old.exe
Filesize:  429872 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-10-94
Description:  Old WIN-OS/2 drivers needed to load new ...Old WIN-OS/2 drivers needed to
load the new drivers in SB16w31.exe. Deletes the requirement for SBRESET.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sb16dd.zip
Filesize:  21005 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-08-94
Description:  SoundBlaster 16-bit Device Driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sbcd2.zip
Filesize:  12185 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-26-93
Description:  OmniCD/IBM ISA/Panasonic 521-3 562-3 ...Supports data, audio,
multisession photo CD and MMPM/2

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sbos2-ne.zip
Filesize:  450964 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-13-93
Description:  Sound Blaster Device Driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sio131.zip
Filesize:  175632 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  08-17-94
Description:  OS/2 Printer driver ver. 13.437

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sio145.exe
Filesize:  215769 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  05-16-95
Description:  Ray Gwinn's comm drivers v1.45 ((vmodem

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sio145.zip
Filesize:  199999 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  05-16-95
Description:  Ray Gwinn's comm drivers v1.45 ((vmodem

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/smgxpjet.zip
Filesize:  41571 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-22-95
Description:  Paintjet driver for Warp v3.9.p2

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/snblst.zip
Filesize:  107790 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  12-01-93
Description:  OS/2 2.1 Sound Blast drvrs(dated 11/93)

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/somfix.zip
Filesize:  945360 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  08-02-92
Description:  SOM Workplace shell class un/load dll

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sony31.zip
Filesize:  24160 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  11-24-93
Description:  Sony CDU-31A drivers for OS/2.x

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/sony53.zip
Filesize:  13855 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-06-94
Description:  OS/2 device driver for Sony CDU 531/535

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/spkrdd.zip
Filesize:  47164 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  01-02-93
Description:  Let's PM MM use PC speaker. Groovy.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/spkrdd22.zip
Filesize:  70672 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  10-14-94
Description:  IBM OS/2 Warp PC Speaker Driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/svga16.zip
Filesize:  1104046 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  06-30-93
Description:  32 bit 800x600 16 color SVGA drivers

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/systos.com
Filesize:  45170 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  02-01-93
Description:  Mod 6157 Dev Drvr for Systos Plus v1.35 ... OS/2 Device Driver for Systos
Plus v.1.35 on IBM Model 6157 SYSTOS.COM contains the following files: DI6M121.DRV

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/t8514.zip
Filesize:  153133 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-24-92
Description:  OS/2 2.0 Trident 1024x768x535 Driver

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/tkbm_mac.com
Filesize:  20080 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  04-28-92
Description:  TokenRing 16/4 Busmaster Srvr Ad/A driv ...Token-Ring 16/4 Busmaster
Server Adapter/A: IBMTRBM.OS2 - driver name, IBMTRBM.NIF - network information file,
LT4.MSG - message file, LT4H.MSG - message help file.

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/tmv1scsi.exe
Filesize:  68557 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  07-26-93
Description:  Beta mediavision SCSI drivers

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/tmv1scsi.zip
Filesize:  53141 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  12-04-93
Description:  OS/2 2.1 CDROM drv from MediaVision

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/tosbus.zip
Filesize:  16911 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  09-02-94
Description:  OS/2 2.1 drvr: AD1848 (Toshiba ONLY)

URL-address:  ftp://ftp.infania.net/Pccbbs/os2_drivers/tri32bit.zip
Filesize:  613212 byte Filename:  / Filedate:  12-13-92
Description:  32-bit Trident drivers: 256 colors ...These are NEW Trident 32-bit
drivers and include 640x480x256, 800x600x256 and 1024x768x256 drivers. Detailed
installation instructions are included. Enjoy!

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