OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0405

(4.5) Technical Support

How can I get answers to my OS/2 Warp questions?

If your question is not answered in this List, post a note to the appropriate Usenet conference on the Internet. (You can use NewsReader/2, part of OS/2 Warp's Internet Connection, to read and post messages in Internet newsgroups.)

Carries discussions related to finding or using any application running under OS/2 Warp
Looks at TCP/IP and Internet networking issues
Examines all other networking questions
Deals with opinions and speculation
Helps programmers move applications over to OS/2 Warp from other operating systems and environments
Focuses on programming with object technologies (such as SOM, DSOM, OpenDoc, Taligent frameworks, and the Workplace Shell)
Compares and contrasts the various programming tools and compilers available for OS/2 Warp
Addresses anything else related to OS/2 Warp programming
Explores beta releases of OS/2 Warp and related products
Carries important OS/2 Warp announcements
Deals with gameplaying under OS/2 Warp
Discusses possible bugs found in released versions of the operating system
Fosters conversation about OS/2 Warp multimedia (including MMPM/2)
Offers a place to talk about setup and installation issues
For any other OS/2 Warp-related discussion

These groups are watched closely by OS/2 Warp experts from IBM. Also, comp.lang.rexx discusses REXX programming.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has a dedicated channel (#os/2) which provides round-the-clock, real time OS/2 Warp support and information thanks to the efforts of several volunteers. A version of IRC for OS/2 Warp is available from (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources.

The latest IBM AIX, RS/6000, and OS/2 Warp related product announcements are now available via Internet anonymous ftp from ibminet.awdpa.ibm.com ( in directory /pub/announcements.

You can also obtain OS/2 Warp information through the Internet's World Wide Web (WWW). You can use the IBM Web Explorer (available for use with OS/2 Warp's Internet Connection) to browse these URLs:

The main homepage for IBM Corp.
IBM's OS/2 Warp gopher site
The IBM Global Network homepage (includes information on OS/2 Warp and its Internet Connection)
The OS/2 homepage at M.I.T.

Your local FidoNet BBS may carry OS/2 Warp echo conferences and/or OS2NET. If not, ask your system operator to join them. CompuServe (GO IBMOS2), Smartnet (an international network of PCBoard BBSes), and Prodigy (JUMP OS/2 CLUB) are also excellent resources.

The IBM PC Co. BBS's (modem 919-517-0001) message areas, product database, and PS Assistant file(s) are invaluable resources. For information on the IBM OS/2 Warp BBS (available through IBMLink) please call 800-547-1283. In the United States IBM has free technical support (phone 800-992-4777; some services require a toll call), an OS/2 Warp Hotline (general information, orders, upgrades, phone 800-3-IBM-OS2; ask about OS/2 Warp videotapes, T-shirts, and other accessories), the HelpWare Center (for help with IBM brand PCs, phone 800-PS2-2227), a software order line (phone 800-IBM-CALL), and two FAX information services (phone 800-IBM-4FAX and/or 800-IBM-3395). In Canada phone IBM Personal Systems Software at 800-465-1234.

OS/2 Warp developers should contact the IBM Developer Assistance Program (phone 407-982-6408); membership is free. (You may also join on CompuServe with GO OS2DAP. IBM's DAP can also be reached by Internet mail at wwdap@vnet.ibm.com.) The OS/2 Warp Developer's Connection CD-ROM, containing a wide selection of development tools and code, is available from IBM (phone 800-6-DEVCON to order in the United States; in Canada, phone 800-561-5293; in Europe, phone 45-3-252-6588 or FAX 45-3-252-8203; elsewhere, phone 61-2-354-7684 or FAX 61-2-354-7766.) (The OS/2 Warp Device Driver Kit CD-ROM is also available from the Developer Connection order centers.)

IBM offers classes worldwide to help in using and programming OS/2 Warp; phone your local IBM branch office (or the OS/2 Warp Hotline) for more information, or call IBM Education and Training at 800-IBM-TEACh. IBM Education and Training also has information on testing to become a certified OS/2 Warp and/or IBM OS/2 LAN Server professional. OS/2 Warp education and training is also available from any of the third party providers listed in the directory provided with every copy of OS/2 Warp. If you did not receive a copy of this directory, please contact the IBM OS/2 Warp Hotline at 800-342-6672 to request one. For more information on the IBM Independent Vendor League (and to find out how to be listed in the Solutions Directory), please call 203-452-7704 or FAX 203-268-1075. You may also dial the IBM I.V. League BBS at 203-380-8264.

If you need to reach any individual at IBM, but you do not know that person's direct telephone number, call the IBM Switchboard at 800-IBM-3333. If you need to send electronic mail to any IBM employee who is reachable via the Internet, but you do not know that employee's address, try sending a message to nic@vnet.ibm.com with a Subject line that reads whois Smith, John (replacing Smith, John with the last name and first name of the person you are trying to reach). Leave the body of the message empty.

See (4.9) Books and Magazines for information on OS/2 Warp publications. Any of the regular DOS or Windows resources (e.g. books, magazines, shareware/freeware sources) will be useful since OS/2 Warp supports DOS and Windows applications.

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