OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0407

(4.7) Online Services

Which online services support OS/2 Warp, and how do I join?

IBM's official non-IBM online service for OS/2 Warp user and developer support is CompuServe (GO IBMOS2). In the United States you can obtain a free introductory CompuServe membership by calling 800-524-3388 and asking for Representative 239. (Note that it is now possible to connect to CompuServe through the Internet from anywhere in the world at no extra charge. Simply telnet to compuserve.com.)

IBM maintains an unofficial presence on many other networks, including the Internet. (You can use OS/2 Warp's Internet Connection to access the full range of Internet services.) For general information on the Internet consult one of the many books describing the network. One example: The Whole Internet by Ed Krol, O'Reilly & Associates (phone 707-829-0515), ISBN 1-56592-025-2. Once you start using the Internet you should peruse the information files posted to the news.answers newsgroup to familiarize yourself with Internet resources.

The OS/2 Warp Roundtable (Page 1400, Keyword OS2) has opened on GEnie. To subscribe to GEnie, set your communications software to half duplex and either 1200 or 2400 bps then have your modem dial 800-638-8369 (800-387-8330 in Canada). Upon connection, type HHH and press RETURN. At the U#= prompt type SIGNUP and press RETURN, then follow the directions given.

Delphi not only provides full access to the Internet (GO INT), but there is also a dedicated OS/2 Warp forum (GO CUS 41) available on the service. The base rate is only $20 for 20 hours of access per month. To sign up for Delphi's five hour free trial and save the $19 signup fee (if you end up joining permanently), (1) call 800-695-4002 with your modem; (2) at the CONNECT message press ENTER a couple times; (3) at the USERNAME prompt type JOINDELPHI and press ENTER; (4) at the PASSWORD prompt type CUSTOM41 and press ENTER; (5) follow the instructions to sign up for the service. (Your five free hours expire at the end of the calendar month you sign up for Delphi, so you probably will not want to sign up at the end of the month unless you use the free time right away.)

Prodigy, BIX, any many other online services also offer OS/2 Warp support and information.

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