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What is the MIDI file IBMRALLY that I get with OS/2 Warp's multimedia?

If you have a sound card which can play back MIDI files, you can use the MIDI Player (in your Multimedia folder) to listen to any of the sample MIDI files provided with OS/2 Warp. IBMRALLY.MID is an instrumental recording of IBM's theme song, "Ever Onward IBM."

Here are the words so that you can sing along. Bear in mind that the lyrics date back decades, when women were not routinely employed in most industries (especially engineering and computing).

There's a feel-ing ev'ry where of big-ger things in store,
Of new hor-i-zons com-ing in-to view.
Our aim is clear: to make each year ex-ceed the one be-fore,
Stay-ing in the lead in ev'ry-thing we do.
The will to win is built right in,
It will not be de-nied,
And we will go a-head we know by work-ing side by side.
Ev-er On-ward, Ev-er On-ward,
That's the spir-it that has brought us fame.
We're big but big-ger we will be.
We can't fail for all can see
That to serve hu-man-i-ty has been our aim.
Our pro-ducts now are known in ev'ry zone.
Our rep-u-ta-tion spark-les like a gem.
We've fought our way thru and new
Fields we're sure to con-quer too
For the Ev-er On-ward I-B-M.
Ev-er On-ward, Ev-er On-ward,
We're bound for the top to nev-er fall.
Right here and now we thank-ful-ly
Pledge sin-cer-est loy-al-ty
To the cor-por-a-tion that's the best of all.
Our lead-ers we re-vere,
And while we're here,
Let's show the world just what we think of them!
So let us sing men, sing men,
Once or twice then sing a-gain
For the Ev-er On-ward I-B-M!

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