OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0306

(3.6) Multimedia (MMPM/2)

What do I need for OS/2 Warp multimedia applications?

OS/2 Warp includes support for both the Windows multimedia extensions and MMPM/2, the OS/2 Warp multimedia extensions, at no extra charge. OS/2 Warp's MMPM/2 includes software motion video support for IBM Ultimotion, Intel Indeo, and Autodesk FLI/FLC files. Software motion video provides playback of video clips in a window under OS/2 Warp. (Video for Windows will operate correctly under Win-OS/2, but Ultimotion is far more capable than Video for Windows. Ultimotion supports higher frame rates, larger image sizes, better synchronization of video and audio, stretching, and, often, simultaneous playback of two or more video clips, even with background tasks running.) An accelerated display adapter and a fast processor can help improve the quality of software motion video.

Drivers for the following multimedia adapters (audio, video capture, video display, MPEG, etc.) are included with OS/2 Warp:

If you have an audio card that is not on this list, it may still work with a similar driver. For example, the MediaVision ProAudio Studio and ProAudio Spectrum Plus (see below) sound cards will work with the ProAudio Spectrum 16 driver. Also, many ATI sound cards work with the Creative Labs SoundBlaster or SoundBlaster Pro driver. Some ATI sound cards, however, require a BIOS upgrade.

Other drivers (including one for the popular Gravis Ultrasound) are available either from the manufacturer of your sound card or from (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources.

If you do not have a sound card, there is a MMPM/2 driver for the standard PC speaker, also available from OS/2 Warp shareware and freeware sources. However, this driver demands a huge amount of processor attention and does not provide sound quality that even approaches the simplest sound card.

Note that the MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum Plus operates correctly when using the built-in MMPM/2 ProAudio Spectrum 16 driver. However, to obtain full functionality you must change the PARAMSTRING line in the [ibmwavepas1601] section of the file \MMOS2\MMPM2.INI after installation of MMPM/2. Using a text editor (like the OS/2 System Editor), change the line so that BPS=8 instead of BPS=16. This change causes MMPM/2 to default to 8-bit audio (since the ProAudio Spectrum Plus does not support 16-bit audio).

REXX programs [see (5.11) REXX] can be used to play, record, and manipulate MMPM/2 audio and video files. For more information on REXX and MMPM/2, consult the online Multimedia with REXX document (located in the Multimedia folder).

More information on IBM's OS/2 Warp multimedia extensions (MMPM/2) and tools, Ultimotion, multimedia hardware, and IBM multimedia titles (e.g. Illuminated Manuscript) is available through IBM's Multimedia Office (phone 800-426-9402 ext. 150).

Support for DOS and Windows applications which require access to a sound card will depend on which sound card you have. Generally such applications will work fine. At the worst you may have to turn off MMPM/2 support and/or run only one DOS or Windows application which requires use of the sound card at a time. At best you can run DOS, Windows, and OS/2 applications which use the sound card at the same time. For advice on setting up DOS, Windows, and OS/2 multimedia applications, consult the Multimedia online document, located in your Information folder.

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