OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0002

(0.2) Recent Developments

OS/2 Warp Version 3 is here! Please see (0.4) Special Report on OS/2 Warp for the latest on this exciting new release.

To coincide with the release of OS/2 Warp Version 3, over 40 software developers have announced new software products. Here is a sampling:

Stacker Version 4 for OS/2
On-the-fly disk compression
Artisoft LANtastic for OS/2
Peer-to-peer networking
DeScribe Version 5 for OS/2
Word processing/publishing
Athena Mesa for OS/2
Object-oriented spreadsheet
AIM/SDS Galactic Civilizations for OS/2
Action-strategy game
Hockware VisPro C/C++ for OS/2
Rapid building of compiled C/C++ applications
IBM Antivirus for OS/2
DOS/Windows virus detection and elimination
IBM OS/2 LAN Server 4
State-of-the-art network operating system
Wolfram Mathematica for OS/2
Equation solving, mathematical computation
Borland C++ Version 2 for OS/2
C/C++ compiler, including OWL
Lotus Smartsuite ValuePak
Enhancements to application suite
Dux SimCity for OS/2
Urban planning game

Other vendors expect to ship major new OS/2 Warp applications later this year, including Corel Office (including Corel Draw 6) from Corel Systems, Macromedia's Director (for multimedia presentations), games such as Doom and SimCity 2000, and even the first home "edutainment" CD-ROM title from CBS and IBM.

Independent estimates now put the OS/2 installed base at over eight million users. At the time of this writing, OS/2 Warp ranks as the top selling PC software in the marketplace.

The IBM Independent Vendor League offices have moved. For general information on the IVL, contact Lucy Darbisi at 203-452-7704 or by FAX at 203-268-1075. For product accreditation and support please call Gail Ostrow at 203-384-9996 or FAX 203-368-6379. The Independent Vendor League supports OS/2 Warp consultants, book authors, trainers, and other professionals.

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