OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0003

(0.3) Questions in this Release

The following questions are addressed in this release:

(0.4) Special Report on OS/2 Warp

(1.0) Fundamentals

(1.1) What is OS/2 Warp?

(1.2) What are the differences between versions?

(1.3) How good is OS/2 Warp's DOS and Windows compatibility?

(1.4) Where can I buy OS/2 Warp, and how much does it cost?

(1.5) Why should I use HPFS? What does it offer me? Does it work with DOS?

(1.6) Why should I choose OS/2 Warp over its competitors?

(2.0) Hardware

(2.1) What hardware do I need to run IBM OS/2 Warp? Do I need a PS/2?

(2.2) Will OS/2 Warp work with my SuperVGA adapter?

(2.3) Will OS/2 Warp work with my printer?

(2.4) Can I use COM3 and COM4 in OS/2 Warp?

(2.5) Are there any specific hardware recommendations?

(2.6) Can I use more than 16 MB of RAM?

(2.7) What device drivers are available that aren't included with OS/2 Warp?

(3.0) Software

(3.1) What applications are available for OS/2 Warp?

(3.2) Where can I obtain OS/2 Warp shareware and freeware?

(3.3) What are the "must have" shareware and freeware titles?

(3.4) Is there a Norton Utilities for OS/2 Warp?

(3.5) I would like to set up an OS/2 Warp BBS. What is available?

(3.6) What do I need for OS/2 Warp multimedia applications?

(3.7) Should I worry about viruses when running OS/2 Warp?

(3.8) What networking products are available for OS/2 Warp?

(3.9) How do I connect an OS/2 Warp machine into a peer-to-peer network?

(3.10) What is Extended Services?

(3.11) How do I connect my OS/2 Warp PC to the Internet?

(3.12) What backup software is available?

(3.13) What multiuser extensions and security options are available?

(3.14) What on-the-fly disk compression software is available?

(3.15) Are there any dealers that specialize in OS/2 Warp products?

(3.16) How can I use my scanner with OS/2 Warp?

(4.0) Installation, Maintenance, and Support

(4.1) I am having trouble installing OS/2 Warp. What should I do?

(4.2) I can't install OS/2 Warp from Drive B. What's wrong?

(4.3) What is the best way to partition my hard disk for OS/2 Warp?

(4.4) How do I access HPFS partitions on my hard drive without booting from the hard drive? I'm getting error messages now -- how do I "repair" my hard disk?

(4.5) How can I get answers to my OS/2 Warp questions?

(4.6) What are CSDs, how do I tell which I have, and where do I get them?

(4.7) Which online services support OS/2 Warp, and how do I join?

(4.8) Are there any OS/2 Warp user groups?

(4.9) What OS/2 Warp books and magazines are available?

(4.10) How do I report an OS/2 Warp problem to IBM?

(4.11) What OS/2 Warp BBSes can I dial?

(4.12) IBM has so many telephone numbers. Which one do I use?

(5.0) Using OS/2 Warp

(5.1) I'm a Unix wizard. How do I make OS/2 Warp resemble Unix?

(5.2) I prefer Windows. How do I make OS/2 Warp resemble Windows (or OS/2 1.3)?

(5.3) Sometimes OS/2 Warp will freeze when I run an application. What do I do?

(5.4) How do I start a background process from the OS/2 Warp command line?

(5.5) How do I add new Adobe Type Manager typefaces?

(5.6) How do I tweak OS/2 Warp for maximum performance?

(5.7) How do I measure OS/2 Warp performance and memory usage?

(5.8) My background bitmap does not display correctly. What's wrong?

(5.9) How do I boot a real version of DOS from within OS/2 Warp?

(5.10) Are there any clever tricks that apply to OS/2 Warp?

(5.11) How do I use REXX? What does it do?

(5.12) What ANSI escape sequences can be used?

(6.0) Miscellaneous

(6.1) What can I do to promote OS/2 Warp?

(6.2) How can I create INF files?

(6.3) What is IBM?

(6.4) What is the MIDI file IBMRALLY that I get with OS/2 Warp's multimedia?

(7.0) Glossary of Terms

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