OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0400

(4.0) Installation, Maintenance, and Support

The following questions are addressed in this section:

(4.1) I am having trouble installing OS/2 Warp. What should I do?

(4.2) I can't install OS/2 Warp from Drive B. What's wrong?

(4.3) What is the best way to partition my hard disk for OS/2 Warp?

(4.4) How do I access HPFS partitions on my hard drive without booting from the hard drive? I'm getting error messages now -- how do I "repair" my hard disk?

(4.5) How can I get answers to my OS/2 Warp questions?

(4.6) What are CSDs, how do I tell which I have, and where do I get them?

(4.7) Which online services support OS/2 Warp, and how do I join?

(4.8) Are there any OS/2 Warp user groups?

(4.9) What OS/2 Warp books and magazines are available?

(4.10) How do I report an OS/2 Warp problem to IBM?

(4.11) What OS/2 Warp BBSes can I dial?

(4.12) IBM has so many telephone numbers. Which one do I use?

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