OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0300

(3.0) Software

The following questions are addressed in this section:

(3.1) What applications are available for OS/2 Warp?

(3.2) Where can I obtain OS/2 Warp shareware and freeware?

(3.3) What are the "must have" shareware and freeware titles?

(3.4) Is there a Norton Utilities for OS/2 Warp?

(3.5) I would like to set up an OS/2 Warp BBS. What is available?

(3.6) What do I need for OS/2 Warp multimedia applications?

(3.7) Should I worry about viruses when running OS/2 Warp?

(3.8) What networking products are available for OS/2 Warp?

(3.9) How do I connect an OS/2 Warp machine into a peer-to-peer network?

(3.10) What is Extended Services?

(3.11) How do I connect my OS/2 Warp PC to the Internet?

(3.12) What backup software is available?

(3.13) What multiuser extensions and security options are available?

(3.14) What on-the-fly disk compression software is available?

(3.15) Are there any dealers that specialize in OS/2 Warp products?

(3.16) How can I use my scanner with OS/2 Warp?

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